Wednesday, May 07, 2003's been a massive effort to publish these blogs, drat it. Had I known BlogSpot was a portal, I would never have tried to FTP it directly to TTTV. Older posts from my previous blog efforts:

[4/27/2003 2:47:59 AM | Janell Clark]
And now, Laserbeak the Decepticon demands your undivided attention. Late.

[4/27/2003 2:18:37 AM | Janell Clark]
I suppose a synopsis is in order. The story's set in 1995, and basically involves a guy and his cat. It also has a giant tiger demon, a dog demon aristocrat, and [I hope] gives off vibes from Ovid's Metamorphisis.

(probably not. but it's a fairly decent switch-Kuwabara-with-his-cat story--which hasn't been done before--and heaven knows the YYH section can use stories not expounding on Hiei and Kurama's undying love.... and besides, it has Fluffy!)

Let me work on that, as well as PB. [the latter may not receive an update until mid-May. the War had consumed my thinking of late, making TI eerily prescient--though in the way that GIJoe eps are psychic regarding current events....]

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