Sunday, May 11, 2003

Today, I note that I forgot someone in my 5/7/2003 List of Fame. One of the "living" animated legends himself, on a show about a group of professional thieves.

No, not Lupin III. Rather, his nemesis, Zenigata.

This man...this man--he's just plain funny. He makes this show. If Lupin III were a movie, I know of two Western actors that could carry him off beautifully: Jim Carrey and John Witherspoon. The former: In Living Color alum, famed actor in several comedies and a few critically-acclaimed films. (though I see Carrey as Lupin himself) The latter is such an obvious choice for Zenigata that if the Wayans dynasty, Spike Lee, or some unknown director were to make it a live-action piece, Zeni would be Afrimerican. Hey, it worked for Whoopi in Burglar.

Thus far, the ep with Zeni in San Francisco has to be his best. Where is this man's mind? Honestly, if you were to put Kuwabara and Zenigata in the same place...actually, that fanfic is already being written, though Unknown will take a more serious tone. [much like a Lupin movie/TV special]

[synop mode] Somehow, I put Zenigata, Kuwabara's dad(who's probably dead on the show), Fujiko, Atsuko(Yusuke's eternally-inebriated mommy), and TK's[Takeru] grandfather from DA02 as children in a more innocent stage in their lives. Though not by much--these kids' lives were all screwed up except for Michel's. Especially kid Zenigata's.

Then, in present time, I have: Lupin and crew, older and wiser; vs. Zenigata and four young agents. The new Interpolice: Kuwabara, a girl that looks like Tea[Anzu], an American clone of "Bandit" Keith, and one of Keith's flunkies, Bones[Ghost]; all of the other three stolen borrowed from YuGiOh[Duel Monsters]. Thrown into this continuation of the ancient rivalry is a mystery theft that may very well threaten two worlds: "ours", and the digital world.

This clearly will go to Fanfiction.Net. But I'm debating whether it should go to L3, Digimon, or YYH in the Anime section.

Hoping new eps of L3 come soon.

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