Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Honestly. I've got to update the main blog more often.

I think I'll call this one...

CHALLENGE OF THE FANFICS. (cue Challenge of the Gobots theme--the easiest theme song in the English language.)

What I'd like to see--and what I'm hoping to write in my spare time--is the ultimate Transformers/Gobots crossover fan comic.

One where:

  • The Gobots don't all die cheap deaths.
  • The Puzzler finally gets a decent back story.
  • The Gobots aren't wishing that they were Transformers.
Here's why.

The Gobots characters(the few lucky ones that appeared regularly) are pretty strong ones; at the very least, you won't forget the likes of Crasher, Scooter or Cy-Kill any time soon.

And as literal and groan-inducing as their Hanna-Barbera names were, their JPN names were even worse. If anything, CotG should get kudos for keeping Scooter and Zero's names intact. (MR-16: Scooter Robo; MR-39: Zero Robo) I mean come on: Fire Truck Robo (Pumper)?

Also, their show didn't have Denny O'Neil naming their series' heroic leader.

But enough ranting about how the actual HB show wasn't worse than most 1980s SatAM TV. Heck, I had fond memories of the Power Suits. Many days of my youth were spent with my older brother going WUH-TA-TA-TA-TA! with Turbo and Leader-1 in our tiny kid hands and me stomping my foot with a resounding BZZZT-BOOM.

Come to think of it, Lelouch owes Cy-Kill a great deal: he had Geass powers before Geass was cool. (no, don't remind me that Cy-kill's toy mold, MR-01: Bike Robo, is owned by BANDAI.)

No; this is ultimately about plans for my Transformers epic, a fan comic love letter to the shows I've enjoyed over the years.

I anticipate the following:
  • That Jem will be truly, truly, truly outrageous.
  • That we'll finally see the problems in inter-faction love affairs.
  • That we'll see the Gobot Cafeteria that was never before seen on TV.
  • That we'll find out why the Puzzler roars in a universe of chatty gestalts.
  • That we'll see if relationships hinted at by "The Girl Who Loved Powerglide" could actually work.
  • That Scooter will finally be seen as the cool nerd he really is. And no one will call him "Scoot".
  • That the reason for Cy-Kill's wall-banging incompetence will be revealed.
Expect cameos, allusions and references to Robotech, Tenchi Muyo, Ghost in the Shell, Animaniacs. Expect a melding between Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Spider-Man: TAS and X-Men: TAS. Expect Wolverine to share a stogie with Duke. Expect Cy-Kill to sing "What's Up, People!?" in Japanese.

And be prepared for any story I can think of. I just hope my art holds up.

Let me know what you think of the "Rumble" fembot: a preview, if you will.

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